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Trading Strategies

Deep dive into various trading strategies you can create.

The Complete Guide on Momentum Investing Strategies

Momentum investing strategies aim to generate returns by buying high-velocity securities on an uptrend, effectively buying high and selling higher.

Classic Commodity ETF Investment Strategies

Discover classic investment strategies for commodities. Improve returns and diversification for your portfolio with commodity investing.

Is Mean Reversion Trading a Profitable Strategy?

Learn about mean reversion trading, including how it capitalizes on extreme price movements, its pros and cons, and its formula and strategies.

9 Popular Day Trading Strategies

Discover day trading strategies that offer defined plans for entering and exiting trades based on chart patterns, technical indicators, or market analysis.

Understanding Triple Bottom Patterns

The triple bottom pattern indicates a bullish reversal, making it a critical technical analysis pattern and an ideal entry point for long positions.

Pairs Trading: Definition and Examples

Learn all about pairs trading, including what it is, its pros and cons, and how to develop a pairs trading strategy. Discover a real-world example.

What Is Dual Momentum Investing?

Learn all about dual momentum investing, including its pros and cons, and discover how relative and absolute momentum work in tandem.

8 of the Best Stocks to Swing Trade in 2024

The best stocks to swing trade have high liquidity, volatility, and price action, offering traders many opportunities to earn a profit.

Best Swing Trading Bots for 2024

Looking for the Best Swing Trading Bots? Here's our picks for the Best Swing Trading Bots.

The Best Swing Trading Strategies for 2024

An expert guide on swing trading strategies, the reader will be looking for information on swing trading strategies.

5 Effective Risk Management Strategies

Effective risk management strategies can minimize trading losses, reduce stress, and help you achieve your long-term financial goals

Understanding Triple Top Patterns

The triple top pattern is a bearish reversal pattern with three distinct peaks, signaling the end of an uptrend and the start of a downtrend.

What Is an Inverse Head and Shoulders Pattern?

Discover the inverse head and shoulders pattern, why it can signify such a crucial opportunity for investors and traders, and how to trade it.

12 Top ETF Investing Strategies and How They Work

Explore what ETF investing strategies are and 12 of the best options in the market. Plus, learn why ETFs are great for your investment portfolio.

How to Read Stock Charts: A Complete Guide

Learning how to read stock charts will help you recognize buy and sell signals, overbought and oversold positions, and common stock market patterns.

10 of the Best Portfolio Investment Strategies

The best portfolio investment strategies tend to perform well in most market conditions through diversification and organization around a central concept.

8 of the Best Stocks for Day Trading in 2024

The best stocks for day trading possess sufficient liquidity and volatility, allowing traders to generate quick returns throughout the trading day.

What Is Swing Trading & How to Build Your Strategy

What is swing trading? We’ll discuss how to build swing trading strategies and explore the pros and cons of this investment approach.

Dragon Portfolio — The Ultimate Guide to Creating Your Own

Interested in building your own dragon portfolio? Our ultimate guide unlocks everything you need to get started!

Momentum Trading Strategies: A Step-By-Step Guide

Learning how to momentum trade? Create the best momentum trading strategies for your portfolio using momentum trading indicators with Composer.

TQQQ vs. QQQ: Which Is Better?

Discover the differences between TQQQ versus QQQ. This straightforward guide compares these ETFs, their components, dividends, and expense ratios.

What Is Value at Risk (VaR)? How to Calculate It

Learn about Value at Risk (VaR), including its formula and its pros and cons. Also, discover how to calculate it in this comprehensive guide.

Golden Butterfly Portfolio: Everything Investors Should Know

Interested in building a Golden Butterfly Portfolio? Everything you need to know!

What Is a 90/10 Portfolio Strategy and How Does It Work?

Warren Buffett’s 90/10 portfolio strategy focuses on index funds and government bonds to capitalize on long-term growth and hedge against volatility.

4 of the Best Indicators for Swing Trading

Want to make tangible gains without the stress of day trading? Swing trading may be the answer. Discover the best indicators for swing trading.

7 of the Best Indicators for Day Trading

What are the best indicators for day trading? Discover relevant stock indicators and how to perform trade analysis in this easy guide.

Decoding Stock Market Strategies: A Deep Dive into BRICS

Technical analysis advantages in the BRICS stock markets

How to Find Momentum Stocks - Expert Guide

Composer goes in-depth answering the question what are momentum stocks? Learn how to Find momentum stocks using momentum Indicators.

Permanent Portfolio - The Ultimate Guide

Interested in building your own permanent portfolio? Our ultimate guide unlocks everything you need to get started!

Why Does Momentum Investing Work?

Why does momentum investing work? Composer explains what is momentum investing and momentum investing performance.

Momentum Trading vs. Swing Trading

In this post we highlight the key differences between momentum trading and swing trading, and how you can leverage both as part of your investment strategy. 

Should You Invest In Commodities?

Should you invest in commodities? Discover investment strategies with Composer to expand your commodity portfolio.

Should You Add Oil to Your Portfolio?

Wondering if now is a good time to invest in oil stocks? Learn the best way to invest in oil to diversify your portfolio with Composer.

A Short History of Technical Analysis

A short history on technical analysis up to it's current form

The 11 Best Swing Trading Books for Traders

A list of the best swing trading books on swing trading

What is Swing Trading? A Beginner's Guide

A beginners guide on swing trading, the reader will be looking for information on swing trading, think about and include how composer can make it easier.

Build Your Own Crude Oil Trading Strategy

Learn how to build a successful crude oil trading strategy with Composer. Discover how to make money day trading crude oil stocks.

Developing a Commodity Trading Strategy: A Beginner’s Guide

Interested in commodity trading? Don’t leave commodity strategies up to someone else, get started with Composer today and automate your trading.

What is Momentum Trading? Everything You Need to Know

Are you new to investing and wondering what is momentum trading? Learn about momentum stock trading and strategy with Composer.

Stock Average Down: What It Is, How It Works, Pros & Cons

When trading stocks, the average down strategy lowers your average cost per share, increases the potential for gains, and manages risk in your portfolio.

What is Day Trading?

An expert guide on day trading, the reader will be looking for information on day trading, think about and include how composer can make it easier.

Do Commodities Do Well in a Recession?

Discover how commodities perform during bear markets and how they can help reduce drawdowns in your portfolio.

Swing Trading vs Day Trading: What's the Difference?

A guide on Swing Trading vs Day Trading and how composer can make either of these easier.

Ray Dalio’s All Weather Portfolio: A Complete Guide

Explore Ray Dalio’s All Weather Portfolio in this handy guide. Learn about Dalio’s investment philosophy, asset allocation, returns, and strategy.

ETF Index Trading Strategies: A Complete Guide

Discover ETF index trading and relevant strategies in this easy guide. Learn the ins and outs of ETF trading and how to trade the index.

Six Examples of Quant Trading Strategies (and how to create them with no coding required)

Overview of commonly used quant trading strategies 

The 10 Best Books on Momentum Trading

Looking to expand your knowledge on Momentum trading? Our experts have selected the the best books to get you started! 

Are Commodities High Risk?

Learn about the risks of commodity trading strategies. Discover how Composer can help you evaluate commodity ETFs and commodity trading strategies.

Hedging Portfolio Risk: How to Invest in Commodities

Wondering how to invest in commodities? Composer explains mitigating inflation risk by investing in commodities.

The Best Automated Trading Strategies

An overview of popular automated trading strategies that are regularly employed by traders