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Composer is the next generation of active investing.
Invest in a portfolio of rules-based strategies. Or build your own.
No code, no spreadsheets, no manual investing.
Let algorithms execute trades for you.
Composer is built for investors who want to make better decisions, dynamically react to real-world events and express a unique worldview.

How does it work?

Browse Composer’s collection of pre-built strategies.
Modify templates to further customize your portfolio.
Build strategies from scratch, no code required.
Invest and let Composer trade and rebalance for you.
Trading is available through our brokerage partner Alpaca


Choose from our growing collection of ready-made strategies.
Explore momentum, paired switching, and other hedge fund-like styles.
Open up a strategy to view its performance and live holdings. See how it works in both visual form and in plain language.
Use the strategies as is, or edit as you wish.
See how the strategy works in plain language
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Use a no-code visual editor to create and modify strategies.
Start by making some picks.
Then, apply weighting.
If this, then that.Add conditionals to control the flow of logic.
Sort, filter, select. 

Start with a pool of candidates and dynamically select those that meet your criteria.
Learn and adapt
Backtest your strategy. Compare it to a benchmark or to another strategy.
Learn from what you see. 

Tinker and try it out again. And again.
Learn and adapt
Backtest your strategy. Compare it to a benchmark or to another strategy.
Learn from what you see. 

Tinker and try it out again. And again.
Share what you build
Share your strategy with others. They’ll be able to test it and invest.


Follow strategies to see how they perform in real time.
Track how the value changes day-to-day and how much an initial investment would be worth now.
Develop an intuition about what strategies perform well in different market conditions.


Build your portfolio by investing in strategies. Monitor performance and watch them trade live.
To invest, set up and fund your brokerage account in the app.
Track strategy performance in real time and drill down into the assets they contain.

Make changes by buying into and selling out of strategies.
About Us
What if the experience of managing investing strategies not only didn’t suck, but actually delighted? Our mission is to create investing software that feels fun, stimulating and creative.

We are funded by investors including First Round Capital and Golden Ventures.

Learn about our vision for the future and what we’re building next.
Composer is a registered investment advisor with the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). While such registration does not imply a certain level of skill, it does require us to follow federal regulations that protect you, the investor. By law, we must provide investment advice that is in the best interest of our client.

With any investment, your capital is at risk. The value of your portfolio with Composer can go down as well as up. Past performance is no guarantee of future results.

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