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Stock Market & ETFs

Everything you should know about the Stock Market and ETFs.

The 5 Best Commodity ETFs for 2024

Learn about the best commodity ETFs for your portfolio. Read about how ETFs that invest in futures contracts and physical commodities differ.

Meme Stocks: What They Are + 5 of the Most Popular

Meme stocks originate from viral internet memes and often trade at prices above their estimated value, offering potential profit for savvy investors.

Trading Forex vs. Stocks: Which Is Better?

Forex versus stocks: Which is more profitable? Learn what forex and stock markets are, how they differ, and how to trade them.

5 of the Top Healthcare ETFs

Discover five of the most popular healthcare ETFs to add to your portfolio. These promising sector funds offer exposure to the healthcare sector.

Best Low Expense Ratio ETFs in 2024

Looking for the best low expense ratio ETFs? Discover our picks for the best ETFs in 2024.

The Best S&P 500 ETFs in 2024

Looking for the best S&P 500 ETFs? Discover our picks for the best ETFs in 2024.

The Best NASDAQ ETFs in 2024

Looking for the best NASDAQ ETFs? Discover our picks for the best ETFs in 2024.

Top Bond ETFs for 2024

Looking for the top Bond ETFs? Here's our picks for the top bond ETFS for 2024.

Best Equal-Weight ETFs to Invest in 2024

Looking for the best equal weight ETFs? Discover our picks for the best ETFs in 2024.

7 Popular Mid-Cap Stocks and How to Invest in Them

Discover the most popular mid-cap stocks on the market and how to invest in them in this easy guide. Learn about mid-cap growth ETFs and mid-cap investing.

What Does a Shooting Star Candlestick Mean in Stock Trading?

Learn about the shooting star candlestick, its significance in trading charts, and how to spot it. Plus, discover how it differs from an inverted hammer.

What Is Liquidity in Stocks? How to Measure It

What is liquidity in stocks? Discover the meaning and importance of liquidity. Learn to evaluate the liquidity of stocks with these handy approaches.

8 High-Dividend Stocks to Invest In

High-dividend stocks offer investors long-term equity growth and steady income that they may withdraw or invest in additional shares.

What Is a Bear Trap Stock?

A bear trap can trick unwary traders into shorting stock, exposing them to significant losses when the stock price reverses and trends upward.

What Are Inverse ETFs?

Inverse ETFs allow investors to hedge long positions and achieve positive returns during bear markets by providing inverse returns to target indices.

What Is an IPO? How Does It Work?

An IPO is the primary way most private companies go public. So, what is an IPO? We’ll explore how it works, plus its advantages and disadvantages.

What Are Actively Managed ETFs? How Do They Work?

Discover what actively managed ETFs are, how they work, and their pros and cons. Also, learn how to invest in actively managed ETFs with Composer.

Covered Call ETFs: What They Are and How They Work

Learn about covered call ETFs, how they function, and the best stocks for covered calls. Also, discover the pros and cons of covered call ETFs.

ETFs vs. Stocks: What’s the Difference?

Discover the similarities and differences between ETFs and stocks. Also, learn about ETF trading, stock investing, and the pros and cons of ETFs and stocks.

What Is SQQQ? The ProShares UltraPro Short QQQ ETF

What is SQQQ? Discover ProShares’ ultra-short leveraged ETF, designed to provide tripled returns corresponding to the inverse of the Nasdaq 100.

Sector ETFs: What They Are + How to Invest in Them

Sector ETFs empower investors with diversity and liquidity by focusing on specific industry sectors and trading on stock exchanges.

What Is the QQQ ETF All About?

What is the QQQ ETF? Learn all about it in this handy guide. Explore QQQ’s stock holdings, expense ratio, past performance, popularity, and more.

What Is a Fund of Funds (FoF)?

A fund of funds (FoF) is a pooled investment vehicle that invests in other funds, providing diversification, risk management, and flexibility.

Mutual Funds vs. ETFs: Key Differences

Discover the differences between mutual funds versus ETFs in this easy guide. Compare ETFs with mutual funds and find the best assets for your portfolio.

Hedge Funds vs. Mutual Funds: What’s the Difference?

Discover the differences between hedge funds versus mutual funds. Learn what a mutual fund is, what a hedge fund is, and how each is regulated.

What Is A Momentum Factor ETF?

What is a momentum factor ETF? Composer goes into detail about how momentum factor ETFs work and how they could benefit your portfolio.

Best Emerging Market ETFs

Looking for the Best Emerging Market ETFs? Look no further. Here's our picks for the Best Emerging Market ETFs.

Do Commodities Go Up With Inflation?

Discover why commodities may be a good inflation hedge. Learn about our commodity investing, commodity ETFs, and portfolio diversification today.

Best Leveraged ETFs

Looking for the best leveraged ETFs? Discover our picks for the best leveraged ETFs.

Best Inverse ETFs for a Bear Market

Best Inverse ETFs to better position yourself in a bear market

The 5 Best Oil ETFs

Looking for the best ETF to track oil prices? Discover the lowest cost and top performing oil ETFs of 2022 with the help of Composer.

Understanding Investing in Leveraged ETFs

New to investing and wondering what is a leveraged ETF? Learn about ETFs and investing in leveraged ETFs with Composer.

S&P 500 Index: What Is It & How Does It Work?

What is the S&P 500 index? Learn more about the S&P’s history, composition, methodology, and importance in trading strategies.

ETFs vs. Index Funds: Key Differences

We’re comparing ETFs versus index funds so you can invest with confidence. Discover the differences, including fee structure, cost, and management.

What Are Blue Chip Stocks? How to Invest in Them

What are blue chip stocks? Discover the best blue chip stocks and learn which ones pay healthy dividends in this handy guide.

What Is a Black Swan Event? Protecting Your Portfolio

Is your investment strategy ready for anything? Learn what a black swan event is and how you can prepare for one in this easy guide.

What Are Commodities?

Wondering just what are commodities? Composer explains commodities in investing, commodity futures contracts, and crypto as a commodity.