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Luck isn’t an investment strategy.
Invest based on logic and data with Opus.

Invest in Opus

About Opus

A data-driven investment strategy designed to give you the benefits of systematic investing

One stop solution

Opus gives you all the benefits of Composer—a systematic and data-driven approach, dynamic rules that respond to market movements, and automated trading—in one strategy.

Balanced and focused

Opus aims to deliver long-term growth. It’s powered by Composer’s powerful technology and our team’s best thinking.


The strategy makes trades automatically when its rules are met and is updated quarterly by Composer’s Investment Committee to respond to changing market conditions.

A robust investment process:

Opus is built on four core principles.


A systematic and data-driven approach improves decision-making

Systematic strategies take advantage of the wealth of data available on financial markets and sidestep emotional decisions.


Diversification improves risk-adjusted returns

Assets that zig and assets that zag. Opus is diversified in stocks, bonds, commodities, and currencies.


Risk management is critical for long-term wealth creation

The strategy incorporates three different methods of risk management to help navigate market ups and downs.


Costs and incentives matter

One flat membership fee. You won’t pay more if your investment grows.

Invest in Opus

How it works

The foundation of Opus is a collection of systematic strategies built on the Composer platform.

Foundation of Opus strategy
Following a rigorous testing process, we selected an initial set of five diversified strategies for their differentiation and exposure to varied asset classes.

Optimized weights are assigned to each strategy with the goal of maximizing the risk-adjusted returns for each volatility level.

The five strategies are paired with a sleeve of cash substitutes that can be scaled up or down to manage volatility.

The Composer Investment Committee updates Opus quarterly to respond to changing market conditions.

New strategies, holdings, weights, and data are all considered. The team monitors performance and volatility daily.

One click investing. All strategy trading is automated with Composer’s trading technology. Just click Invest.

Opus trades independently based on its logic and individual holdings.
Trades are executed during Composer’s trading period, which is between 3 and 4pm Eastern.
Invest in Opus

About Composer

Composer is an investment platform dedicated to helping investors with the goal of achieving superior returns using logic and data.

Since our founding in 2020, we’ve helped more than 25,000 people run over 500,000 backtests, execute more than 150,000 orders, and trade more than 100 million dollars.

We’ve received funding from venture capital firms including First Round Capital - early investors in companies like Uber, Square, and Roblox - and Left Lane Capital - investors in fellow fintech companies like M1 and Masterworks.

Composer Technologies is a Registered Investment Adviser (RIA) with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

Our Investment Committee

We’re a cross-functional team of data science, computer engineering, and investment management professionals.

Benjamin Rollert

Benjamin Rollert

Founder and CEO, Data Science

An active investor since he was a teenager and with over a decade of experience in data science leadership roles, Benjamin founded Composer in response to his own frustration with the difficulty of implementing automated trading strategies.

William Liu, CFA

William Liu, CFA

Computer Engineering

Formerly a quantitative developer at a Silicon Valley hedge fund, William focuses on Composer's backtesting and trading infrastructure.