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Investment Strategy

Learn about classic and new investment strategies to incorporate into your portfolio

Permanent Portfolio - The Ultimate Guide

Interested in building your own permanent portfolio? Our ultimate guide unlocks everything you need to get started!

Dragon Portfolio - The Ultimate Guide

Interested in building your own dragon portfolio? Our ultimate guide unlocks everything you need to get started!

Do Commodities Do Well in a Recession?

Discover how commodities perform during bear markets and how they can help reduce drawdowns in your portfolio.

What Are Commodities?

Wondering just what are commodities? Composer explains commodities in investing, commodity futures contracts, and crypto as a commodity.

How to Find Momentum Stocks - Expert Guide

Composer goes in-depth answering the question what are momentum stocks? Learn how to Find momentum stocks using momentum Indicators.

Why Does Momentum Investing Work?

Why does momentum investing work? Composer explains what is momentum investing and momentum investing performance.

What Is Dual Momentum Investing

Composer answers the question of what is dual momentum investing? Learn more about dual momentum investing and how to implement it.

A Step-By-Step Guide to Building the Best Momentum Trading Strategies

Learning how to momentum trade? Create the best momentum trading strategies for your portfolio using momentum trading indicators with Composer.

Momentum Trading vs. Swing Trading

In this post we highlight the key differences between momentum trading and swing trading, and how you can leverage both as part of your investment strategy. 

The 6 Best Books on Momentum Trading

Looking to expand your knowledge on Momentum trading? Our experts have selected the the best books to get you started! 

The Best Momentum Indicators for Retail Investors

Learn about the best momentum indicators for retail investors with Composer. Discover how to make momentum indicators work for you.

What is Momentum Trading? Everything You Need to Know

Are you new to investing and wondering what is momentum trading? Learn about momentum stock trading and strategy with Composer.

How to Use A Stochastic Oscillator

What is the Stochastic Oscillator? Composer answers both what is and how to use a stochastic oscillator.

Build Your Own Crude Oil Trading Strategy

Learn how to build a successful crude oil trading strategy with Composer. Discover how to make money day trading crude oil stocks.

Should You Add Oil to Your Portfolio?

Wondering if now is a good time to invest in oil stocks? Learn the best way to invest in oil to diversify your portfolio with Composer.

Classic Commodity Investment Strategies

Discover classic investment strategies for commodities. Improve returns and diversification for your portfolio with commodity investing.

5 Momentum Investing Strategies to Consider

Discover why a membership with Composer has its perks. Learn about our momentum investing strategies for stocks, commodities, and global assets today.

Developing a Commodity Trading Strategy: A Beginner’s Guide

Interested in commodity trading? Don’t leave commodity strategies up to someone else, get started with Composer today and automate your trading.

Do Commodities Go Up With Inflation?

Discover why commodities may be a good inflation hedge. Learn about our commodity investing, commodity ETFs, and portfolio diversification today.