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Algorithmic Investing

Learn about algorithmic investing and how to refine your investment approach

How to Create a Momentum Trading Algorithm in Python | Composer

Want to learn about momentum trading algorithm with python? We show how to use momentum in a backtest using Python to develop an algo strategy.

How to build Automated Trading Systems - The Simple Guide

Learn why and how to build automated trading systems in our expert guide. From high level concepts to practical next steps. 

Algorithmic Trading with Python

Read Composer's guide to learn all about algo trading with python. Become an expert on python for financial analysis and algorithmic trading.

Machine Learning for Algorithmic Trading

Machine Learning can radically enhance your algo trading. In this guide we walk you through the key concepts, along with actionable tips to get started. 

Easy Trading Algorithms for Beginners

Discover a guide for algorithmic trading for beginners. Learn easy algo trading concepts and how to adapt your strategy to your data.

How to Learn Algorithmic Trading: A Beginner's Guide

Our experts outline exactly how you can go from beginner to algo trading pro in this handy guide! 

9 Examples of the Best Algorithmic Trading Strategies

Interested in learning more about the possibilities of algorithmic trading? Here we outline common strategies with concrete examples.

Algorithmic Trading - The Complete Guide

Interested in learning algorithmic trading? Our expert guide teaches you everything you need to get going.

The Best Platforms for Automated Trading

An overview of automated trading platforms and the various factors that should be considered in selecting which one to use

The Best Automated Trading Strategies

An overview of popular automated trading strategies that are regularly employed by traders

Automated Trading: The Comprehensive Guide

Interested in learning more about automated trading? Our guide walks you through everything you need to know to get started! 

The Best Platforms for Algorithmic Trading

Looking to level up your algorithmic trading? In this post we take a look at the best platforms on the market.

How to Avoid Overfit Investment Strategies

Learn how to avoid overfit investment strategies. Discover best practices for developing algorithmic strategies and avoiding overfitting to backtested data.