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The first AI-powered trading platform.


Retail trading is booming.

Retail trades account for 23% of all market volume, or $35 trillion/year - more than during the last Covid peak.

156 trillion notional trading volume annually, 23% of which is retail

Yet the retail trading experience is stuck in the '90s, with confusing UIs, limited tools, and a steep learning curve.

Incumbents have failed to make sophisticated trading accessible.

The trader must convert their idea into an exact set of tickers, quantities and order types. Very onerous!

Every major platform looks the same!

Composer has reimagined trading from the ground up.

Painstakingly designed and engineered from scratch to ensure the optimal trading experience.

Vertical integration

Composer is the brokerage. Create and fund your account in the app.

Fully automated

Fully automated trading execution, end-to-end. Composer trades and re-balances automatically.


See what others are creating in the Composer community. Invest directly or make changes.

Primed to take off. Just add AI.

Explain your goals, strategy, and risk concerns in natural language: Composer’s AI-assisted editor will create the strategy for you.

Now is our moment.

25% MoM revenue growth since launch.

ARR — Observed and Projected
(15% MoM growth)

Our growth is hyper efficient, thanks to high margins and economies of scale.







Why now?

Typically greater power comes with a trade off: a drop in usability.

Generative AI lets us increase the power and flexibility of our product while actually increasing usability.

Product + community led growth: a natural fit for our go-to-market.

GTM Motion:
community flywheel generates leads for sales team.

Playing in an enormous, $1.2 Trillion global market

$4.44 billion revenue

$35 billion market cap

$2.86 billion revenue

Acquired for $13 billion (2020)

$5 Billion revenue

$26 billion acquisition (2019)

More engagement means Composer makes more money per customer

Best in class retention: over 80% of customers remain after 8 months

Built on
hardcore technology

We created our own declarative language for trading that integrates smoothly with LLMs

Proprietary trading engine and backtester built entirely from scratch

Novel ability to containerize a strategy - think "kubernetes for trading"

We did all this with less than 10 people...but they're the best of the best.

Benjamin RollertCEO
Ananda AisolaCOO
Ronny LiCTO
Mikael Staer NathanDesign
Anja JamrozikResearch and Product Mgmt.
Michelle LimFrontend
Donovan DoyleProduct Management.
Sean HarrapBackend
Mihir ParekhOperations

Future Product Roadmap

Long-term vision

Make sophisticated trading accessible and delightful to everyone, everywhere.