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The investment app that helps you achieve superior returns with logic and data.

Investing. Built better.
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Decorative image of a stock graph peaking then moving downwards, indicating momentum of sell.
After a decade+ bull run, the market is changing. Is your portfolio?
Picking stocks is difficult.
The chart doesn’t only go up – it can also go down.
Protecting your money in the face of inflation and economic uncertainty requires more than a robo-advisor and a prayer.
You deserve a smarter option that responds to market movements without endless hours of research and screen time.
Built Better
Composer offers an array of professionally-created investment strategies that trade based on logic and data.
  • Smart algorithms
  • Test before you invest
  • Automated trading
A mockup of a strategy card showing the performance graph and performance metrics, with the 'invest' button highlighted
Smarter investing made simple
Take advantage of advanced algorithmic trading. No PhD required, just point and click.
Is the 20-day cumulative return of SPY higher than 2%? If so, buy SPY; if not, buy BND
A portfolio that reacts to the market
Don’t get caught up in emotions and sensationalized tweets. Trade based on data and market movements.
A table of strategies that have been invested in, showing live performance metrics and asset holdings
More automation, less worry
Composer is your portfolio’s watchdog - constantly monitoring your portfolio, rebalancing positions and only trading when necessary.
An example of the automatically generated text description of a strategy. Every month, pick two assets from the list below with the highest 20-day cumulative return and weigh the picks equally: FB, AMZN, AAPL, MSFT, GOOGL, PYPL, ADBE, NVDA
Capture upside with downside protection
Composer can move your portfolio into its best performers when the market is doing well, and hedge risk during volatility.
See how each strategy works in plain language

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Browse our symphonies

(automated strategies)

Explore momentum, paired switching, and other hedge fund-like styles. Open up a strategy to see how it works, view its performance and live holdings, and even backtest it.
A header of the Composer app, showing the symphonies page.

New strategies, interesting ideas, and diverse viewpoints. Check out these symphonies for continued inspiration.

New strategies, interesting ideas, and diverse viewpoints. Check out these symphonies for continued inspiration.

Big Tech MomentumTake a look! These are interactive.Stocks or Bonds: Ride the WinnerBuy the Dips: Nasdaq 100Crude Reality: The Smarter Oil Playbook
Composer's Picks

New strategies, interesting ideas, and diverse viewpoints. Check out these symphonies for continued inspiration.

Favorites from Composer’s Investment Committee.

Hedgefundie's Excellent Adventure RefinedRisk On or Risk Off Leveraged S&P 500The New 60/40Dynamic Income

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  • All the benefits of Composer in a single strategy
  • Actively managed by our Investment Committee
  • Three versions to fit your risk tolerance
Learn about Opus
Decorative background image of circles repeating over each other
Invest and let Composer take care of the rest
A mockup of the portfolio page in the app, showing portfolio metrics (value, today's changes and cumulative return), a large graph of total lifetime portfolio performance, and the table of invested symphonies showing individual live performance metrics.
Trades are made automatically, and you can track performance of each symphony individually, as well as your complete portfolio.

Start a membership to automate your trading.

Customize and

Every strategy on Composer is fully editable. Swap out assets, adjust programmatic logic, and tweak parameters.

Use our no-code, visual editor to modify symphonies or create your own from scratch.

A mockup of the strategy editor, showing how a strategy is built with a mix of specified and dynamic weights, filters and conditional statements, along with a preview of the backtest results.
UI element showing specified weighting: 70% to ICLN, 20% to FSLR and 10% to TSLA

Apply weighting

Custom weight, inverse volatility, market cap or balance equally.

UI element showing conditional statement: If the current price of SPY is greater than the 200d moving average of price of SPY, buy SPY, else, buy BND

If this, then that

Add conditionals to control the flow of logic.

UI element showing an example of a filter: sort these by their 90-day cumulative return and select the top 3: SQ, SPOT, NFLX, AAPL, SHOP, TWLO

Sort, filter, select

Start with a pool of candidates and dynamically select those that meet your criteria.

Mockup of the backtester, showing a performance graph of the strategy and two other benchmarks, with a table below it showing performance metrics over the selected time period comparing the strategy to the benchmarks

Learn and adapt

Backtest your strategy. Compare it to a benchmark or to another strategy.

Learn from what you see. Tinker and try it out again. And again.

A stacked graph of the changes in strategy holdings over time

The Historical Allocation Graph visualizes movements in a symphony’s holdings over time.

UI element showing an example of strategy value: initial symphony value ($10,000), total fees ($14.02), total slippage ($1,684.08) and final value ($26,205.69)UI element showing an example of strategy value: initial symphony value ($10,000), total fees ($14.02), total slippage ($1,684.08) and final value ($26,205.69)

Model the value of your symphony

Fees, slippage and final value are calculated for you.

Composer is by far the best product I’ve come across in a long time.

It’s an absolute gamechanger.

Xuan X.L.

I've been doing this for 35 years and havenever seen a tool like this. Not even my Bloomberg!

Douglas T.

Composer gives traders and investors at all levels an easy and intuitive way to develop, trade and automate their investment strategies.
Composer opens up to anyone the same level (or better) of tools that top quantitative hedge funds hire armies of PhDs and computer scientists to build internally.
Wow, @ComposerTrade makes it ridiculously simple to create automated trading strategies


Most automations require you to understand detailed spreadsheets and unique coding languages, the learning curve is often intense with these platforms. That’s not the case at all with Composer.
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